Landscape Design has been my side hustle for more than a decade. In 2005, my husband and I bought our first home in Lake Highlands, and that is where it all began. I designed landscapes for friends, and they loved the designs. There is just something about a gorgeous landscape and a happy customer that makes my heart sing.

Why Hen and Chix? A Hen and Chick is a succulent that my grandma grew in an old washtub by her back door. And over the years my mom had a plant stand full of hen and chicks. For me, these plants are full of memories.

Our Mission

To make gorgeous inviting landscapes attainable for all. Whether you choose to be a weekend warrior and bring your space to life or if you prefer to outsource your landscape. We have you covered.

Our Vision

For our customers to have a landscape that is simple to maintain – Let’s be real, we are all busy – but that is interesting and unique with a variety of texture, color, and size.

Our Values

We believe in building sustainable customer relationships. We want to work with you throughout all stages of your landscape. Whether that means seasonal refresh, a re-style or just a fresh layer of mulch. We want to be there.

Stacie Bon


A Stephen F. Austin State University graduate and a small-town girl, I love connecting with amazing people and being surrounded by big trees and wide-open spaces.

I’m a wife, a mom of two, a marketer, a connector and an entrepreneur. Well, mom of three if you count Skipper our pup.

Over the past two decades I have built a career in marketing, which believe it or not aligns beautifully with the creative side of landscape design.

I’m grateful for my amazing family, friends and colleagues that encouraged me to take this leap and continue to inspire me every day.

Why Choose Us

We are local, as are the professionals we partner with. We love connecting with our community as well as supporting local businesses, and we work to bring both of those aspects into each customer experience.

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